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On the First Week of retirement…

Posted on | July 14, 2017 | Comments Off on On the First Week of retirement…

Moonstone Beach, Cambria, extends for a mile. Most of it is rimmed by a boardwalk.

Moonstone Beach, Cambria, extends for a mile. Most of it is rimmed by a boardwalk.

On the first week of retirement my true love gave to me….  A list of all the things I hadn’t done around the house while using writing the EdWeek column as an excuse.  Since I’ve been a workaholic for a long time, the list is long.

Neighbor Arthur’s elm was brushing against the tile roof and needed trimming before the next storm.  The patio needed power washing, something that was forbidden during the drought.  And one thing led to another.  After the patio was washed down, the deck looked a little grubby, then the house, then the flat roof.  Why not spray down the car?

Good job, Chuck, she says while reminding me that I’ve only put a dent in the list.

My end of the week reward was a drive up the coast to Cambria, and a glorious two days of walking on the beach and driving up California 1.  The highway is closed in two different places.  A collapsed bridge stops southbound traffic.  And a massive landslide about 18 miles north of Cambria halts northbound traffic.   Hearst Castle is still open.

Leanne and I had a delightful drive to the end of the road.  Since the road doesn’t go through, there was virtually no traffic.  No 50-foot RVs driven by flatlanders meeting you around the hairpin turns that are posted at 10 MPH.  Plenty of spaces at the turnouts for long looks at a cobalt blue ocean.

Even the Elephant Seals seemed to be a good mood.  The big males were play fighting in the surf.  The females and the young had abandoned them for their long journey in deep water, so the guys were just hanging at the beach waiting for their fur to molt before heading to Alaska.  Theirs is the ultimate male spa.




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