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Here’s The Peace Dividend In Los Angeles Charter School Wars

Learning from L.A., our book about institutional change in public education, was published a decade ago.  Then, we saw charter schools as a logical force in the transition of an institution built for the industrial age to one designed for the 21st Century. Instead, in the space of a decade, charter schools in Los Angeles […]

Teacher Work and Teacher Unions

This site, named Mindworkers, is witness to my central belief that teachers think for a living, and ought to be organized as professional workers with expansive rights and responsibilities rather than industrial workers.  This theme is most completely developed in United Mind Workers: Unions and Teaching in the Knowledge Society. Although it was published by […]

‘Learning from L.A.: Institutional Change in American Public Education’

It has been nearly a decade since Learning from L.A. was published by Harvard Education Press.  In many ways, it is among the best work I have done in my academic career.  In some other ways, it is a disappointing, blowing-into-the-wind book because the underlying message has not been received or acted upon.  The politics […]


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