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Understanding the Kahn Academy

In Learning 2.0, I reference the Kahn Academy, the wildly successful and growing open-source video tutoring program.  Here Salman Kahn talks about how his video lectures have penetrated regular classrooms.  By removing the one-size fits all classroom, the teachers have used technology to humanize the classroom.  His TED speech here.  Listen to his notions about […]

The Elephant on the Mountain:

or how to talk about public education without mentioning the financial crisis hardly at all I had a good time at Tuesday’s self-styled Education Summit.  United Way, which put on the meeting, did a fine job of organizing and packed a lot of content and good will into a half-day.  I’ve written a cover story […]

All about me

Megan Driscoll interviewed me for the Education Portal site.  My response, probably more than you wanted to know, is available here.

Learning 2.0

“Why, one might ask, should California, the headwaters of the digital revolution, be stuck in the eddies of an early 20th Century school design?” Starting this week, I will be posting a series of pieces about the what I believe to be the essentials of 21st Century learning and the changes in educational politics that […]

Understanding the New Network Economy

Yochai Benkler is the kind of polymath that eclipses ordinary academics.  A law professor at Harvard, he also directs the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, which has as its modest mission “to explore and understand cyberspace.”  In prior lives, he was the treasurer of a kibbutz in Israel, a practicing lawyer, and a clerk […]

Speaking at UCLA Law School on Monday, March 7

I finally get to go to law school!  The otherwise bright students at UCLA have invited me to lead a panel that discusses education reform.  Details follow:


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