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A Feel Good Look at Learning’s Future

I have written warmly about Scotland’s national education intranet service, Glow, and at the end of the piece asked, “why can’t this be done here?”  In part, I am finding that it can…and is.  The Los Angeles Unified School District has an ambitious technology plan, has spend a bundle on infrastructure, and green shoots of […]

A Word from Professor Drucker…and Friends about Education Standards

The folks at the Drucker Institute have put up an interesting interchange about common educational standards.  There are clips from Peter Drucker himself, comments from Rick Wartzman, executive director of the Institute, and some thoughts from Dave Levin, co-founder of KIPP.  I also make an appearance, courtesy of Phalana Tiller, who is putting together the […]

A New Look at Europe

On Thursday, I wandered across campus to hear Steven Hill talk about his new book, Europe’s Promise. Hill is the director of the political reform program at the New American Foundation, and a will-published policy writer who has been studying what we inaccurately refer to at the Old World for a decade. As is so […]

Can Teachers Run Their Own Schools?

As a part of the “learning differently” study, I have visited several schools run as teacher cooperatives: no principal, flat organization. Cooperatives, of course, are a great American tradition.  We think of the limited liability corporation as one of the great social inventions of the last two hundred years, but cooperatives have been a part […]

Peer Review Redux

The idea of peer review for teachers, that I wrote about in United Mindworkers, and A Union of Professionals in the 1990s has now come alive again.  See this recent Huffington Post piece. First there is a new book by Jennifer Goldstein, published by Teachers College Press.  It describes the work of the PAR panels […]

A Not Quite Palace Revolt

Bruce Fuller from UC Berkeley has written about the politics of LAUSD in Education Next. Under the title “Palace Revolt in Los Angeles?” he recounts the story of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s attempts to control the school system and particularly how his connection to grassroots Latino activism and United Teachers Los Angeles. The connection between grassroots community organizing […]

A Note about GLOW, the Scottish Education Intranet

I wrote a short piece in the Huffington Post today about Glow, the Scottish investment in an intranet system.  It’s worth a longer look, and I am overdue in finishing up a descriptive analysis of how it works and how it was created. There are three important things to realize about Glow: First, it is […]


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