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‘Dreamers’ Find Allies Among Their Teachers

Teachers in California, where 270,000 undocumented Dreamer students reside, have quietly formed alliances with their students as tension mounts over their ability to stay in the United States. For the most part, these students were brought to this country as young children by parents who were fleeing war, civil strife, or poverty in Mexico or […]

Re-Bundling Teaching, Testing, and Growing Up

We need to rebundle. For the past century, teaching, testing, and growing up have been tied into a bundle called school.  My schooling—like that of every other student—was a mixture of maturation and mental exercise, of intense bonding among peers under the watchful eyes of adults, who understood more than we thought they did. An […]

Aging Boomers and Young Latinos: Max Benavidez to Lead Panel at Capitol

Two demographic trends will define much of the next quarter-century: aging Baby Boomers and the coming of age of young Latinos.  CGU alum, Dr. Max Benavidez, has organized a fascinating conference in Washington, DC on July 7.  The conference description asks: Are they on an economic collision course, or can they establish a new social contract […]


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