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Action on the Parent Movement for Commercial Property Taxes

Since I wrote about Jennifer Bestor and her research into inequities in commercial property rates in Menlo Park, I’ve read about additional activities in Silicon Valley.  John Fensterwald writes about parent activists in Cupertino and elsewhere in the Bay Area.  Read Here.  This thing may have legs.

Turning Around Troubled Schools

Markham Middle School in Los Angeles has become the poster child for the systemic failure to turn around troubled schools. In 1997, Markham was on the bottom of the heap in 1997 when the average student scored in the 16th percentile in math and the 12th in reading.  Since then, the Los Angeles Unified School […]

Some Lincoln Republicans Meet The ‘Do It’ Democrats

Yesterday, I wrote in the Huffington Post about a delightful woman in Menlo Park who has taken to tilting at windmills. In all other respects, Jennifer Bestor seems quite sane, but she felt called to take on the tax inequity caused by the way Proposition 13 treats commercial property.  Unlike houses, businesses don’t sell that […]


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