Charlet T. Kerchner / MindWorkers

A Real Cheesehead: Public Sector Collective Bargaining Under Attack in Wisconsin

The extent of the attack on public sector collective bargaining has taken me by surprise.  I had expected that Republican victories in November would lead to a hardening of attitudes, but the extent and spread has been breathtaking.  There are reports of an initiative to repeal collective bargaining in California, but that may well amount [...]

Round 2 or 22 on Value-Added Testing

I’ve written a piece for the Huffington Post and Thoughts in Public Education about the reanalysis of the value-added teacher evaluation exposé published by the Los Angeles Times last August. Derek Briggs, who heads the research and methodology program at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and doctoral student Ben Domingue used the same data [...]

Claremont Colleges Talk on “Learning from L.A.” Available On-Line, Here

The good people at the Honnold Library have edited my talk from last November and integrated it with the slide show.  It is available at the Library’s web site.