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Teacher-Run Schools

Teacher run schools fascinate me as a special case of producer’s cooperatives.  They are experiments in self-organization, alternatives to traditional hierarchies, expansion of traditional teacher roles, and over time the re-creation of role specialization. The first piece in this series is a case study of Avalon School in St. Paul, MN and schools in Milwaukee. [...]

The Emperor’s Clothes: Traditional and “Avant Garde” at High Tech High

Author: Charles Taylor Kerchner – High Tech High may be the only school in the country that has an Emperor. Rob Riordan took the tongue-and-cheek title of “emperor of rigor” partly to address the expectations of visitors looking for someone in authority and partly as a serious joke, a conversation starter about how HTH views [...]

The California Virtual Academy

Authors: Laura Steen Mulfinger and Charles Taylor Kerchner – The California Virtual Academy (CAVA) joins similar schools in other states as a growing presence in public education. This case study examines the operations and structure of CAVA and its corporate parent, K-12. The full case is available by clicking here.

For Teacher Unions: Things That Go Bump In The Night

Author: Charles Taylor Kerchner – Two forces will fundamentally change public education and deeply challenge the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers. I will describe them, and then, I will pull the long-legged beasties out from under the bed, and try to show that they can, indeed, be your friends. Both these [...]


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