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Photo Gallery

The gallery below contains a few pictures from 2008-2011 and represents some of the first results from my renewed interest in photography. Most of the pictures you will see are landscapes, seascapes, or shapes and colors that interested me. Some are from my home town of Claremont, California, and others are from around the world. I have chosen not to post family and friends portraits.

Look at The Year in Pictures 2008 here.

Look at The Year in Pictures 2009 here.

Look at The Year in Pictures 2010 here.

Look at Death Valley 2011 here.

Look at Year in Pictures 2011 here.

Here’s a look at 2015 and some of the images I liked along with some the people who made the year memorable. As in other years, some family pictures, particularly those of the children and grandchildren are not posted. Year in Pictures 2015

Here is an experimental gallery created in 2017