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Aging Boomers and Young Latinos: Max Benavidez to Lead Panel at Capitol

Two demographic trends will define much of the next quarter-century: aging Baby Boomers and the coming of age of young Latinos.  CGU alum, Dr. Max Benavidez, has organized a fascinating conference in Washington, DC on July 7.  The conference description asks: Are they on an economic collision course, or can they establish a new social contract […]

The Elements of Learning 2.0: Students as the real workers in education

Most education reforms start with the premise that adults need to work harder so students will learn more.  But ultimately, maybe quickly, that premise is self-defeating.  Regardless of the pedagogy used, who governs the school, or how long teachers toil, students are the real workers in the system.  Building around that reality is one of […]

Insanity or Courage?

Last evening, I had the pleasure of moderating a panel discussion at a reunion of Education Pioneers, an organization that looks for and trains out-of-classroom talent for education reform.  The conversational stars of the evening were Maria Casillas, who flunked retirement to rejoin the Los Angeles Unified School District to head its efforts at connecting […]


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