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Teacher-Run Schools and the History of Worker’s Cooperatives

Following our case study on teacher-run schools, Henry Levin wrote to remind me of Worker Cooperatives in America, a 1984 book he co-edited with Robert Jackall.  It still offers pertinent insight into the opportunities and problems of worker owned and operated organizations. “[T]he affective ties which are the basis for selection into collectives bind workers [...]

Annotating Jerry Brown: Comments on the Governor-Elect’s Education Plan

Mike Kirst chided me for not paying attention to Jerry Brown’s education plan in earlier comments about what he should do as governor.  So, I took another look.  It’s smart, pragmatic, and a little pregnant.  See the post at Topics in Public Education. Comments invited.

The Buzz About Teacher-Run Schools

The media have discovered teacher run schools in a big way.  Christine Hoag of the Associated Press wrote about the Woodland Hills Academy in Los Angeles, which converted to a teacher-run school, albeit one with a principal.  Her story has been published throughout the country, and has received substantial attention.  Alan Coverstone wrote a supportive [...]

Questions about Teacher Union Influence

Mitchell Landsberg questioned the political clout of teacher unions in a recent Los Angeles Times article.  ”A nationwide school reform movement with bipartisan support has collided head-on with three ideas that labor has long resisted: expansion of charter schools, the introduction of merit pay for teachers and the use of student test scores…even seniority and tenure [...]

Speaking at the Claremont Colleges Library on Thursday, Nov. 11.

Update: a video of the talk will be available soon. I will be talking about our Los Angeles research at the Claremont Colleges Honnold Library on Thursday at 4:15 pm.  The talk is part of the library’s series of speakers from all the college campuses.  It is billed as: Lessons from L.A Schools.: Some Gleanings [...]

Jerry Brown For Governor. Really!

I have an actual Jerry-Brown-for-governor pin.  Bought it from a Democratic Party booth at a street fair in Palo Alto.  The governor should remember that when he’s passing out those plum jobs.  While I didn’t witness a feeding frenzy for Brown or see too many of those pins being worn, I have high expectations for [...]