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Teacher-Run Schools and the History of Worker’s Cooperatives

Following our case study on teacher-run schools, Henry Levin wrote to remind me of Worker Cooperatives in America, a 1984 book he co-edited with Robert Jackall.  It still offers pertinent insight into the opportunities and problems of worker owned and operated organizations. “[T]he affective ties which are the basis for selection into collectives bind workers […]

Annotating Jerry Brown: Comments on the Governor-Elect’s Education Plan

Mike Kirst chided me for not paying attention to Jerry Brown’s education plan in earlier comments about what he should do as governor.  So, I took another look.  It’s smart, pragmatic, and a little pregnant.  See the post at Topics in Public Education. Comments invited.

The Buzz About Teacher-Run Schools

The media have discovered teacher run schools in a big way.  Christine Hoag of the Associated Press wrote about the Woodland Hills Academy in Los Angeles, which converted to a teacher-run school, albeit one with a principal.  Her story has been published throughout the country, and has received substantial attention.  Alan Coverstone wrote a supportive […]

Questions about Teacher Union Influence

Mitchell Landsberg questioned the political clout of teacher unions in a recent Los Angeles Times article.  “A nationwide school reform movement with bipartisan support has collided head-on with three ideas that labor has long resisted: expansion of charter schools, the introduction of merit pay for teachers and the use of student test scores…even seniority and tenure […]

God’s Politics: A Personal Introduction

In 2010, I gave a talk that grew out of reading Jim Wallis’ God’s Politics, relating it to the prophets in my own life, not all of whom were overtly religious.  Here’s the text.

Speaking at the Claremont Colleges Library on Thursday, Nov. 11.

Update: a video of the talk will be available soon. I will be talking about our Los Angeles research at the Claremont Colleges Honnold Library on Thursday at 4:15 pm.  The talk is part of the library’s series of speakers from all the college campuses.  It is billed as: Lessons from L.A Schools.: Some Gleanings […]

Jerry Brown For Governor. Really!

I have an actual Jerry-Brown-for-governor pin.  Bought it from a Democratic Party booth at a street fair in Palo Alto.  The governor should remember that when he’s passing out those plum jobs.  While I didn’t witness a feeding frenzy for Brown or see too many of those pins being worn, I have high expectations for […]


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