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A New Case Study Explores Teacher-Run Schools

Many thanks to all those who helped, particularly to the students and the teacher/advisors at Avalon School in St. Paul, MN and to John and Cris Parr who graciously arranged my visit to Milwaukee. Can Teachers Run Their Own Schools? Tales from the Islands of Teacher Cooperatives is published, and it can be downloaded free […]

“Superman” and a Few Convenient Half-Truths

Waiting for Superman opens in theaters in L.A. and New York this week and goes nationwide next week.  It’s a powerful film that will move those who see it, and it is ushering in a media blitz about education. NBC and CBS have announced new education programs.  The Huffington Post, for which I occasionally write, […]

Thanks to all for a wonderful evening with Fr. Greg

Fr. Greg Boyle did his thing last night, and we did ours.  G, speaking without notes, held a crowd of 400 spellbound as he moved from outrageously funny stories about his beloved Homies to quiet moments of homily: you are exactly what God had  in mind when he made you.  An extraordinary man with an […]

Tickets Selling for Fr. Greg Boyle Speech and Book Reading to Benefit Homeboy Industries

Tickets are selling fast for the Fr. Greg Boyle speech and book reading at 7 p.m. on Sept. 21. at the United Church of Christ in Claremont, 322 W. Harrison. (Update: There will be tickets available at the door.) The UCC in Claremont is co-sponsoring the event along with a group of volunteers, The Claremont […]


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