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Short thoughts on a sunny Christmas afternoon

Posted on | December 25, 2010 | Comments Off on Short thoughts on a sunny Christmas afternoon

The rain has ended and the snow-clad San Gabriels look down on Claremont today.  It was a starry Christmas Eve, and I gathered with friends and congregants to sing Silent Night at Midnight by candlelight.  I have experienced the service of Lessons and Carols for more than half a century, and it still moves me.  Our little Presbyterian congregation is blessed with extraordinary music.  Jenelle Westerbeck Anderson, Jerry DeMasi, and scores of others brought the evening the majesty and wonder it needed.

Today in particular is is worth reflecting on the last paragraphs from Robert Putnam and David Campbell’s New book on religion in America:

How has America solved the puzzle of religious pluralism–the coexistence of religious diversity an devotion?  And how has it done so in the wake of growing religious polarization?  By creating a web of interlocking personal relationships of people of many different faiths.

This is America’s grace.

Or to quote Howard Rice’s bumper sticker: God loves the whole wide world; no exceptions.


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