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Tracking Tracy Lum in Outrigger Canoe Race 2,500 Miles Away

Posted on | September 2, 2017 | Comments Off on Tracking Tracy Lum in Outrigger Canoe Race 2,500 Miles Away

We’re home bound in Claremont, hunkered down in the 105 degree heat today tracking our daughter-in-law Tracy Lum as she and her crew from the Newport Outrigger Canoe Club race in the Queen Lili’uokalani race between Kailua and Honaunau off the Kona coast of Hawaii’s Big Island. It continues over four days and is billed as the world’s largest long distance canoe race.

Race startI’m wowed by Tracy’s stamina, and that of the other racers.  I don’t know what the ocean conditions are today, but on any morning paddling 18 miles at sea is no small deal.  And I’m also a bit impressed with the technology that allows us to sit in air-conditioning and track their progress.  Each of the boats has a geo-positioning device that works in a system developed by a French company, DotVision Motion.  I can track Tracy’s boat—moving up, falling back, moving up…pass out those power drinks—and text our son, Charles, as he rides toward the finish line to meet his wife.  (Screenshot below, along with race beginning and ending photos courtesy of CAK.)

Tracy Finish Screen ShotMeanwhile, Charles is phoning in pictures.

Technology is a mixed blessing.  But today air conditioning and GPS technology plus the Internet are allowing us to experience a boat race 2,500 miles away.Race end


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