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The Emperor's Clothes: Traditional and "Avant Garde" at High Tech High
Authors: Charles Taylor Kerchner

High Tech High may be the only school in the country that has an Emperor. Rob Riordan took the tongue-and-cheek title of ďemperor of rigorĒ partly to address the expectations of visitors looking for someone in authority and partly as a serious joke, a conversation starter about how HTH views student achievement. Itís not about test scores. From the start, one is led to expect something different at HTH: its schools donít look like schools. Its leaders donít sound like administrators but unabashed evangelicals preaching a new form of learning: ďAt HTH, we believe that change in schooling happens, not incrementally by adding programs, but by generating holistic designs that enable new ways of teaching and learning.Ē These are not the good, gray, self-effacing bureaucrats of public school administration. Read the whole study HERE


Date submitted: 07/10/2012
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